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IBSCA’s virtual student support services to continue for 2021

Earlier this year, in response to feedback provided from its member schools, the IB Schools and Colleges Association of the UK and Ireland launched a pilot programme offering academic subject-specific study support to IB students whose learning had been disrupted due to Covid-19. The pilot programme, IB Subject Boosts, provided concentrated review of key topic areas led by experienced IB teachers to help students fill gaps in their knowledge caused by school closures and staffing challenges faced by IB schools. From late May until the end of August, IBSCA successfully delivered 29 Subject Boost workshops supporting IB students from throughout the AEM region.

Feedback from the workshops was positive, exceeding expectations of what could be achieved within a tight timescale. Students found the workshops provided the depth required to support their learning and the delivery by knowledgeable and professional IB teachers helped to ease concerns and build academic confidence. Schools that participated in the pilot programme found it to be a useful tool in helping to support their students through a challenging and uncertain period.

“I have just attended the first session as an observer and was really happy with the quality of the course. The teacher is fantastic and the materials used were really helpful.”

 – Manal Spencer, head of Biology, The Abbey School, Reading

With IB schools worldwide still having to find creative solutions to support their IB students as they deal with the unpredictable challenges brought on by Covid-19, IBSCA has decided to continue the delivery of its IB Subject Boosts and to introduce further student support services in the build-up to the May 2021 IB examinations.

IB Subject Boost workshops will follow the same format established over the summer with each workshop concentrating on one topic or a group of related topics per subject. Students can sign-up for as many workshops as would be beneficial to them based on their specific revision needs. Students will receive three hours of live taught content with Q&A with an experienced IB teacher per Subject Boost.

IBSCA is also introducing virtual IB Study Groups to help students implement an effective exam revision programme. Organised by subject, IB Study Groups, will be hosted in IBSCA’s bespoke virtual learning environment. Study Groups will be led by experienced IB teachers who will meet with their small cohort of students once a week for twelve weeks for concentrated revision of their subject. Between study sessions, students will have access to a library of resources collated by their Study Group teacher as well as to the community forum where they can ask questions and engage in topic discussion with fellow students.

IBDP2 students can sign-up for IBSCA’s services directly through the website, and IB schools looking to implement either programme for their IBDP2 cohort are welcome to contact IBSCA at ibsca@oxfordcoursemanagers.org for further details.

More information can be found for each programme at IB Subject Boosts or IB Study Groups.