IB Schools and Colleges Association

Workshop Leaders

All authorised workshops use the same pool of trained workshop leaders and follow common patterns of organisation. 

All our workshop leaders are highly experienced IB educators who are approved by the IB to deliver training.

Please click on the names below to find out about individual workshop leaders.

PYP Workshop Leaders 

Suzanne Tomlinson (PYP Exhibition)

Jo Evans (PYP Making it happen)

Angeline Aow (PYP Exhibition & Pedagogical Leadership)

Darren Arbour (PYP Play-based learning)

Charlottte Gregson (PYP Making it happen)

Angela Steinmann (PYP Teaching and Learning)

MYP Workshop Leaders 

Nevine El Souefi (MYP Language B)

Paul Horkan (MYP Heads/Coordinators and Language A)

Glen Johnson (MYP Coordination)

Magdalena Krzemińska (MYP Language B)

Branka Sreckovic-Minic (MYP Humanities)

IB Core Workshop Leaders

Susanna Agostini (CAS)

Sue Austin (Diploma Coordination)

Julian Kitching (Theory of Knowledge)

Michael Woolman (Theory of Knowledge)

John Royce (DP Extended Essay)

Jonathan Newell (DP Extended Essay)

Fatma Hussein (DP Coordination)

Jacques A. Weber (DP Extended Essay)

Rémy Lamon (DP Theory of Knowledge)

Bill Roberts (DP Theory of Knowledge)

Ingrid Skirrow (Inquiry and the Librarian across the Programmes)

DP – Group 1

Elizabeth Stephan (English A: Literature)

David Ripley (English B)

Ilana Pserhof (Language A: Language and Literature)

Carolyn Trimming (DP English A: Literature)

DP – Group 2

Marie-Laure Delvallée (French B)

Alan Marshall (German B)

Ute Reichert (German B)

Eliana Maestri (Language ab initio)

Rémy Lamon (Mandarin ab initio)

José Prieto (Spanish ab initio)

Rosa Parra (Spanish B)

Suso Rodriguez-Blanco (Spanish B)

Sue Austin (DP Language Ab initio)

Jacques A. Weber (DP Language B & ab initio)

DP – Group 3

John Fern (History)

Shannon Leggett (History)

Laura Swash (DP Psychology)

Marta Bobiatynska (DP Geography)

John Cannings (DP Geography)

John Fern (DP History)

Stephen Holroyd (DP Economics)

Gareth Rees (DP Economics)

Barbara Stefanics (DP ITGS)

DP – Group 4

Rhevatee Gobin (Biology)

Joe Hamkari (Biology)

Dave Allen (Chemistry)

Nick Lee (Chemistry)

Alistair Robertson (Environmental Systems and Societies)

John Chilton (Physics)

Diana Langenberg (Design Technology)

Richard Scarr (DP Biology)

Gayethree Bojnauth (DP Biology)

Ashling Phillips (DP Sports Exercise and Health Science & Biology)

Chris Hall (DP Biology)

Erin Preece (DP Sports, Exercise & Health Science)

DP – Group 5

Jane Forrest (Mathematical Studies)

Caroline Meyrick (Mathematical Studies)

Peter Hamer-Hodges (Mathematics HL)

Bill Roberts (Mathematics HL)

Anton Guertchev (Mathematics SL)

Esther Ndirangu (Mathematics SL)

Tim Garry (DP Mathematics HL)

DP – Group 6

Richard Harvey (Film)

Heather McReynolds (Visual Arts)

Jonathan Newell (DP Music)