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Subject Boost Workshops – Students

Prepare for your final year of IB studies

Make sure you are fully prepared for Year 2 of your IBDP or IBCP studies by using your summer break to your advantage. IB students around the world have had their studies disrupted by school closures due to Covid-19. We have been in touch with numerous IB schools and have been working directly with them to help their students fill gaps in their subject knowledge, build their confidence, and improve their understanding in advance of their second year of IB Diploma or Career-Related studies through our Subject Boost Workshops. After positive feedback and consultation with schools, we are making our Subject Boost Workshops available directly to IB students. 

What are IB Subject Boost Workshops?
Our IB Subject Boost Workshops are an opportunity for you to keep your IB studies on track before the start of the new academic year. Whether you are looking to build your understanding of a subject, review parts of the syllabus that require more coverage, or go over specific topics you find particularly challenging, our IB Subject Boost Workshops can help to ensure you are ready to tackle your final year of the IB programme with confidence.


*You will be directed to the Oxford Course Managers (OCM) website for registration and payment processing.

How do the IB Subject Boost Workshops work?
Each Workshop will focus on a specific topic or related topics from the subject syllabus. By concentrating each session on a specific area it allows you to select the parts of the syllabus that are most beneficial to you and your academic progress. Select as many Workshops per subject as you feel will help you. (See our Workshop timetable below for dates and times)

All of our Workshops are delivered by highly experienced IB teachers via our online learning platform. Our teachers have years of experience teaching your IB subjects and know how to help you build your understanding of the trickier parts of the syllabus. They also understand that after several months of disruption to your regular schooling that you may have questions you are hoping to get help in answering. Each Workshop will include live taught content and question and answer time to ensure you get the clarification you need.

IB Subject Boost Workshop Timetable

There will be opportunities for students to ask questions beyond the topics listed above at the end of each session

Select a subject below for further information

IB DP Chemistry - SL/HL

IB DP Biology - SL/HL

IB DP Mathematics - Analysis & Approaches - HL

IB DP Mathematics - Applications & Interpretation - SL

IB DP Psychology - SL/HL

IB Subject Boost Workshop Details

Focus on a specific topic(s) for your chosen subject(s)

3.5 hours of live taught content plus Q&A per Workshop

Maximum 10 students per Workshop

Delivered by an experienced IB teacher

Easy to use online platform with moderator support

Choose the Workshops that most benefit your academic progress

IB Subject Boost Workshops Fees

£60.00 + VAT per Workshop


*You will be directed to the Oxford Course Managers (OCM) website for registration and payment processing.

Who are we?

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Oxford Course Managers
Oxford Course Managers (OCM) is our partner in delivering our professional development training and student-focused events. OCM provides the administrative services for our Subject Boost Workshops including student registration and payment processing.