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Subject Boost Workshops – Schools

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are wide reaching. We have seen the creative solutions that schools are employing to help their staff and students through this uncertain time. Having spoken with many schools over the past months, we understand there is great concern about current DP/CP1 students and how best to prepare them to enter their final year of the programme prepared and confident. We hope that our student Subject Boost Workshops can become one tool that schools can utilise to help them support staff and students as we transition into the next academic year.

What are Subject Boosts?
An opportunity to provide teachers and students with additional support for areas of the IBDP & CP syllabus that have proved challenging to deliver over the past months. For some schools, this may be helping to fill gaps in syllabus delivery due to teacher absence or time constraints. For others, it may be offering a review of topics that students have found challenging over this period and where they would benefit from additional support in advance of the new academic year. Whatever your school’s circumstances, we would be interested to hear from you to identify how we may be able to help
Subject Boost Workshops
Each workshop will be delivered by a highly experienced IB teacher via our online learning platform. Workshops can have up to 10 students and will include taught content plus live Q&A via the platform. These sessions will be subject specific and concentrated on one topic. They can be tailored to the needs of your students to ensure they derive maximum benefit. Each session will last for 1 ½ hours. The price for each workshop is £120 + VAT for IBSCA member schools and £160 + VAT for non-member schools. The sessions can be scheduled during term time, evenings, weekends and over the summer holidays.

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