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Study Groups

A good revision process provides for time to develop understanding and build confidence allowing you to feel as prepared as possible before taking your IB exams. As part of your process, it often helps to study with others to gain clarity, deepen your knowledge base, and challenge what you know. Collaborating with peers, particularly when combined with expert support can be an effective and engaging way to revise.  

Our IB Study Groups offer you structured, in-depth, collaborative revision under the supervision of an experienced IB teacher who will guide you through your chosen subject syllabus over time and help you develop the skills you need for IB exam success.  

How do IB Study Groups work?

Each study group is based around an IB subject. By selecting the subject you want to revise, you will be joining a 12-week long revision programme. You will meet once a week with your small group for 1.5 hours for guided review from the group leader (an experienced IB teacher) of one topic or several related topics. In between sessions, you will have access to our virtual learning environment where your group leader will share resources and content for you to use throughout your revision process. Your virtual learning environment also features a feed where you can pose questions on the subject and receive help and support from your fellow students as well as your group leader.  

Key features:  

  • 12 revision sessions providing 18 hours of subject-specific learning support.  
  • Access to an experienced IB teacher with expertise in exam revision and preparation.  
  • Guidance on how to structure your exam preparation process and organise your revision. 
  • Resources and tools collated by your group leader for you to use throughout your exam preparation saving you valuable study time in identifying quality resources.  
  • Online learning environment with subject feed for posing questions, seeking clarification, sharing tools, and discussing the topic.  
  • Small group sizes of no more than 15 students 

Available Subjects

Biology SL

Biology HL

Chemistry SL

Chemistry HL

Economics HL

English A: Language & Literature HL

Mathematics: Applications & Interpretation SL

Mathematics: Analysis & Approaches HL

Mathematics: Analysis & Approaches SL


Study Groups will run from the week commencing 4 January 2020 through the week commencing 22nd March 2020.  

Each week there will be one live Zoom session with the Study Group Leader, the timings for the weekly session are as follows:

Fees & Apply

£400 + VAT per student for each study group 

If you are an individual student or a school interested in applying for a place/s in one of our study groups please contact us by selecting the link below: