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In May 2020, we launched our Subject Boost Workshops for IB students in response to a need communicated to us by IB schools for additional academic support that would help DP1 students cope with the disruption to their learning brought on by Covid-19.  

Over the summer months, we delivered 29 Subject Boost Workshops helping IB students with their studies in Biology, Chemistry, Business Management, and Sports, Exercise and Health Science. We are proud that feedback from the Boosts was extremely positive and that so many IB students were able to benefit from this additional support.    

With the success of the Subject Boost Workshops, we are delighted to be able to continue to offer this service to IB schools and invite you to contact us to discuss your students’ needs.  

“I have just attended the first session as an observer and was really happy with the quality of the course. The teacher is fantastic and the materials used were really helpful” – Manal Spencer, Head of Biology, The Abbey School Reading.

What are Subject Boosts?

An opportunity to provide teachers and students with additional support for areas of the IBDP & CP syllabus that have proved challenging to deliver due to recent school disruptions. For some schools, this may be helping to fill gaps in syllabus delivery due to teacher absence or time constraints. For others, it may be offering a review of topics that students have found difficult to fully absorb during this period and where structured review would be beneficial in advance of their exams.  

How are Subject Boosts delivered?

Our IB Subject Boosts are led by experienced IB teachers via our bespoke online learning platform. Students will have access to a secure virtual learning environment with video conferencing facilities and a subject-specific community for the sharing and accessing of resources. All sessions are moderated by a Workshop Manager who is on-hand to deliver technical support and ensure Subject Boosts are delivered in line with our policies and guidelines.  

How are Subject Boosts structured?

 We work directly with you to create a bespoke plan that will meet the needs of your students. Typically, workshops are subject specific and concentrate on one topic per 1 ½ hour session. The sessions can be scheduled during term time, evenings, weekends or over holidays depending on what works best for your school’s schedule. Contact us to discuss your requirements and for a quote on pricing.  

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