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IBSCA is dedicated to helping the IB community to thrive. As a membership and advocacy organisation, we believe it is our responsibility to help IB schools and students identify and access solutions that can help students maintain their academic focus and build their confidence throughout their IB studies.  

For the 2020 – 2021 academic year, we are extending our offering of academic support to IBDP students to help them achieve their best in their 2021 IB exams. We are pleased to be offering a range of services from our online IB Study Groups designed to guide students through their IB exam revision in their chosen subject over the course of several months in a collaborative online environment to our virtual Spring Subject Boosts providing intensive expert-led exam revision immediately before the May 2021 exam cycle. Explore our options below to find your best study solution.  

IB Study Groups

Organised preparation and revision for your IB exams is an essential element of success, but it is often something students struggle to achieve on their own. Our IB Study Groups are designed to lead you through exam revision for your chosen subject in a supportive and collaborative online learning community. 

Joining other students from around the world, you’ll meet weekly as a group for 12 weeks (18 hours of live study support) to learn from your experienced IB teacher who will guide you through the syllabus topics and help you to build your confidence in advance of your IB exams 

In between your virtual meetingsyou’ll have access to your subject-specific virtual learning community. Here, you’ll be able to post questions on the community’s forum and receive helpful insights and answers from your fellow students and IB teacher. This is also where your IB teacher will post and share curated content covering the topics you are studying, which you can access for reference and study material until you have completed your IB exams 

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Spring Subject Boosts

If you are confident in your ability to organise your IB exam revision, but need some additional support with certain subjects, then join us for our Spring Subject Boosts. These IB exam revision workshops will be available during March & April in line with spring break to help you prepare for your chosen subjects in advance of your IB exams. Organised by syllabus topic across the course of a week, you can reserve a space in as many sessions as you feel will benefit your study. This flexibility allows you to build a revision programme that meets your individual needs and ensures you maximise the valuable time you have before your exams covering the topics you find most challenging. Delivered online in small groups, these sessions are led by experienced IB teachers adept at helping students revise for their IB exams.  

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Bespoke Subject Boosts - School Bookings

If you are an IB teacher or school leader and feel that your students would benefit from a Subject Boost Workshop as described above, we would be happy to work with you to create a bespoke programme for your students. We have worked with a number of schools to organise these virtual workshops for their students to help reinforce learning with topics that have been challenging to deliver as a result of school closures and disruptions due to Covid-19. We work with a wide range of IB educators and are able to offer support with most subjects, so please click through to learn more.  

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