IB Schools and Colleges Association

Statement from the Irish Universities Association on May 2020 Exams

“Admissions for 2020/21 Academic Year: The Irish universities will accept the new 2020 Leaving Certificate calculated grades for admission in the same way as the Leaving Certificate in other years. The 2020 calculated grades will likewise be processed by the CAO in the same way as other years. We will likewise continue to accept all State certified end of school exams issued in the EU, European Economic Area and Switzerland, and the new 2020 calculated A-Level grades and 2020 calculated IB grades. We look forward to welcoming all new university students as soon as possible in the new academic year. Exact dates will be confirmed once the Department of Education and Skills has announced when the 2020 Leaving Certificate calculated grades will be released”

The full article can be found here: https://www.iua.ie/covid-19/university_updates_faqs/