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Revolutionising post-16 learning with the CP

In the past, vocational and academic education were seen as mutually-exclusive choices. Students would have to pick a “side,” stick to it, and follow that choice through. Now, an alternative approach that brings vocational and academic paths together for students aged 16-18 is proving popular writes Jon Severs for TES magazine.

Severs cites 27 schools in Kent, UK that offer the IB Career-related Programme (CP) to their students.

“We felt that, for our students, A-levels were too restrictive and did not allow them to develop certain essential skills,” explains Kate Greig, head teacher at King Ethelbert’s School in Birchington. “These skills may find themselves called ‘soft skills,’ but they are actually the key qualities needed for higher education and for work: team work, problem solving, creative thinking, time management, the capacity to think and talk about ethical dilemmas. We felt that the two different strands of learning—academic and vocational—were needed to give the students the breadth and balance they need.”

You can read the full article on TES magazine (subscription required to read full article).