IB Schools and Colleges Association

Responding to your students’ concerns about climate change and related issues: inspiring ideas you can use in the classroom.

Free seminar for IBSCA delegates on 24th April at Warwick University.

IBSCA is delighted to welcome back Harrison Wavell, education specialist from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, to talk to IBSCA delegates about an exciting new idea that is gripping the imagination of students, teachers, universities and employers. These are some of the comments from previous participants.

  • Really interesting and challenging – links well with my curricular teaching
  • Thoughtful and insightful talk. Very relevant to current issues on the minds of students
  • I liked the part about creating students who think in systems
  • It was interesting to hear what other schools are doing and get ideas on how to teach this to my students
  • Harry spoke clearly about the principles of the circular economy and it has inspired me to think how I can build this into my school.

The “circular economy” is a new way to design, make, and use things, ensuring that products and materials stay in use and waste and pollution are eliminated. This approach has multiple benefits for businesses, people, and the planet, and is giving rise to exciting careers: designers, engineers, architects, communicators, chemists etc – every profession has a role to play in moving us towards an economy that will enable us to thrive in the long-term. And it is therefore relevant to every school student today.

This concept is perfect for IB students as it requires critical thinking, systems thinking, and interdisciplinary thinking. Students find these ideas empowering and exciting, giving them new purpose and focus to their school studies as a result.

If you want this for your students, just make your travel arrangements to arrive in Warwick for an 11am start on Friday 24th April and join us for this stimulating discussion.

The session is being convened by Kim Polgreen from Leadership in Global Change (LIGC). LIGC is collaborating with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to provide Summer Schools in Oxford, UK, for 15-18 year olds on the Circular Economy, Sustainable Fashion and others (www.ligc.co.uk).