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While there remains a place for technical knowledge, in many fields this will rapidly date and it’ll be the soft skills driving a successful career

As the IB curriculum celebrates its fiftieth year, Tim Jones, academic deputy head at Sevenoaks School, discusses how effective the programme has been – especially in nurturing the development of ‘soft skills’.

Isn’t it interesting that for the first half of the last century, ‘soft skills’ were taken for granted as those requiring little or no technical instruction, while in the second half their meaning and importance shifted to encompass qualities desirable in life and the workplace, and often missing from the provision of a traditional academic curriculum.

This century, these skills are among the most prized. This is partly because the ongoing technological revolution has already rendered most manual and industrial skills obsolete. Increasingly sophisticated automation, accompanied now by the spectre of Artificial Intelligence, is continuing this seismic change in the way we work by making inroads into the skills found in white-collar employment too.


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