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The IB Diploma Programme is recognised by all universities in the UK and details of their standard entry requirements will be found on their individual websites or on UCAS Course Search. Universities have extensive experience of welcoming IB Diploma Programme students onto their courses and well appreciate the breadth of skills Diploma students bring to HE and the success they have in transitioning from school to university.

IB Diploma students are proven to have high completion rates and achieve high outcomes as evidenced in recent research carried out by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). This report is available following the link in section 2 of the menu below. Applications to UK universities are made through UCAS and your school or college will guide you through the process of application. A common question that is asked by students and parents is how do universities compare the IB with A Levels or BTECs. UCAS enables this comparison between different qualifications to be made through its ‘Tariff’ but, in many cases, this is not applied for setting entry requirements for courses or for making offers. In the majority of cases the IB Diploma is considered for its own intrinsic value. The UCAS tariff recognises the value of the Diploma, Diploma Courses and the Career-related Programme by awarding tariff points for the separate components. A detailed discussion is given in section 1 below.

This section is maintained by Dr Peter Fidczuk, who is the UK Development and Recognition Manager, a full-time post financed jointly by IB and IBSCA.

  1. The IB’s post 16 pathways and the UCAS Tariff (to be uploaded shortly)
  2. IB HESA Report – IB students studying ay UK higher education institutes: how do they perform in comparison with A Level students?
  3. IBSCA-IB-ACS University Admissions Officer Report
  4. IB courses curriculum content guide download
  5. Guide to application to UK universities for DP students (to be uploaded shortly)
  6. Guide to the IBCP
  7. Guide to application to UK universities for Career-related Programme students (to be uploaded shortly)
  8. Guide for international students applying to the UK
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