St Leonards School

In the heart of St Andrews, St Leonards is one of Scotland’s leading independent schools, providing top quality boarding and day education for boys and girls aged 4-19.

Founded in 1877, it is the only school in Scotland to focus 100% on the IB Diploma after completion of GCSEs. St Leonards has been offering the qualification since 2006 and results are consistently strong with the average Diploma points score in May 2011 being 34.

The School has a beautiful, historic campus and 530 pupils, with 170 children in the junior section and 360 in the senior section, including 125 boarders.

St Leonards students learn, work and play in a unique seaside setting and feed off the inspirational buzz that comes from being right in the heart of a renowned university town. Pupils thrive on well established links with St Andrews University and make the most of extensive opportunities in drama, sport – including golf, of course - music and art. The enriching, holistic spirit of the IB pervades the whole of St Leonards, enabling the School to combine a world of opportunity with exceptional academic achievement and a friendly atmosphere.

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