King Edward's School, Birmingham

King Edward's School, Birmingham was founded in 1552 by Edward VI. The school has changed with the city and is now a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic institution and, in terms of the background of its pupils, one of the most diverse independent schools in the country. It has always taken great efforts, in changing educational and political times, to remain accessible to all and prides itself on its extensive scholarship and assisted places schemes.
Notable former pupils include JRR Tolkien, Nobel Prize winners Sir John Vane and Maurice Wilkins, Fields Medal winner Richard Borcherds and Field Marshall Slim. The school is immensely proud of this rich tradition. However, its real purpose is to provide for clever and committed boys, whatever their background, the opportunity to enjoy school, to learn to love study and to pursue excellence in their own chosen field.
The school adopted the IB Diploma for the entire 200 pupil sixth form in September 2010.

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