Membership of IBSCA is open to all schools and colleges which are authorized IB world schools or in the process of applying to become IB world schools.

IBSCA Membership Regulations

(operational from September 2016)

  • Annual membership runs from 1 September - 31 August.  Invoices will be sent out to all existing members at the start of the academic year. 
  • Members will get discounts on workshops running in the same academic year. If members apply for workshops for the following academic year, then they must renew their membership for that year otherwise the discount will be revoked.
  • There are no early bird discounts. 
  • all prices stated include VAT at 20%

Candidate Membership:

  • Fee: £100 per annum.
  • For candidate schools.
  • £50 discount on IBSCA workshops fee.

Associate Membership:

  • Fee: £400 per annum.
  • This membership category is for schools and colleges outside of the UK.
  • £50 discount on IBSCA workshop registration.

PYP only Membership:

  • Fee: £200 per annum
  • This membership category is for schools who only run the PYP and no other IB programmes.
  • £130 discount off each IBSCA workshop registration.

Full Membership:

This membership is for all other IB schools/colleges in the UK including those doing just MYP. It is related to the number of students in the school at the point of membership renewal: (PYP total + MYP total + DP1 + DP2 + IBCC1 + IBCC2)

 * 3 sub categories:

  • 1-50 IB students = £500 per annum.
  • 51-100 IB students = £1000 per annum.
  • >100 IB students = £1500 per annum.

£130 discount off each IBSCA workshop registration.

Amongst the benefits of membership are:

  • Access to password-protected information on the IBSCA website, including data on forthcoming training events.
  • Discounted rates for conferences and IBSCA-run training.
  • Support for the IB programmes through area networks and central lobbying.
  • Marketing opportunities.
  • New schools and colleges wishing to join should complete the registration form.

Membership Information

Please check your membership details by logging on using the "front end login" button to the right of this page then selecting "profile". You can update details on the screen which then appears.

If you have not yet registered for IBSCA membership, please do so by clicking the "membership details" link and completing the form which then appears.

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