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Welcome to the IBSCA website. IBSCA is the International Baccalaureate Schools and Colleges Association of the UK and Ireland. Membership is open to all UK and Ireland schools and colleges which are recognised as IB World Schools. IBSCA works throughout the UK and Ireland to:

  • Support IB world schools
  • Advise candidate schools on authorization matters
  • Liaise with Higher Education on IB
  • Provide professional development opportunities

Associations of IB World Schools

IBSCA itself is one of the Associations of IB world schools. Information about the other World School Associations can be found on the IBO website.

Impington Village College

The year 2011 is the 20th year for which Impington International Sixth Form has offered the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme. We are a government funded, inclusive sixth form in which students of a range of abilities and talents can achieve.

The year 2011 is the 20th year for which Impington International Sixth Form has offered the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme. We are a government funded, inclusive sixth form in which students of a range of abilities and talents can achieve. This was shown in our 100% pass-rate for the May examination period 2011.

The word ‘international’ is not in the sixth form name just because we have the IB, but it is because our sixth form is ‘international’ in that students join us from the local area of Cambridge, wider regions of the UK and from approximately 15 other countries. Such a rich mix of cultural perspectives enables our students to develop a sense of their international identity and take their place in the global forum.

Impington International Sixth Form offers a wide range of IB subjects, from classics to environmental systems and societies, psychology to Japanese ab initio. This year we are delighted to introduce IB Human Rights. The inclusion of this course has developed from two decades of active commitment to the concept of human rights in the international arena. Both our curriculum and our CAS activities demonstrate the opportunities that all of our students have to engage practically with these ideas, for example in our link with MenelikEducation and schools in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo and with Peacechild India in Bangalore. Students lead activities ranging from teaching and construction to coaching sports.

The Performance School continues to attract large numbers of extremely talented artists, many of whom proceed to schools and training for professional performance. Impington is a specialist IB Dance centre. We look forward to adding IB Sport, Exercise and Health Science course to our range. This subject will be based in the new Impington Sports complex with fitness suite and pool.

IBSCA offers

Support for IB Schools

IBSCA provides support for IB schools in a variety of ways. Firstly it provides a network through which schools following IB programmes can liaise with one another in order to share best practice. Conferences, workshops, area network meetings as well as informal contact  all contribute towards making IBSCA a rich source of advice and support for its member schools.

Authorisation advice

Schools considering seeking authorisation to run one of the IB programmes are able to obtain advice and support from the IBSCA network. This may be informal support by email or telephone or it may involve attendance at one of the local or national conferences. In the first instance, schools considering authorisation can consult the relevant parts of the IB website.

Liaison with Higher Education

The post of UK Development and Recognition Manager is currently held by Peter Fidzcuk. This full-time post is jointly funded by the IB and IBSCA.

The UK Development and Recognition Manager provides a vital link between ISBCA, the IB and the UK universities. The manager maintains the Universities section on this website and can be contacted by IBSCA members with questions, queries and worries about university recognition, admissions and requirements.

The universities section of this website lists a significant number of frequently asked questions ...and answers!

Professional development opportunities

IBSCA organises five strands of Professional Development:

1. IB Teacher Workshops. These are fully authorised by the IB and include workshops for DP, MYP and PYP teachers. Details on each can be found in the Events section under Teacher Workshops. These are available for member schools and for non-members.

2. National Conferences. Typically there are two of these per year - one in the autumn; the other in the spring. Occasionally, a third conference is organised in the summer. Information on the Conferences can be found under National Events. They are open for member schools and non-members.

3. Professional Development Seminars. Several of these are arranged each year - typically in the spring. They are one-day training opportunities for experienced IB teachers in member schools only. Details are shown in National Events.

4. Area Network Meetings. Around one hundred of these are arranged each year by the various Area Networks (local clusters of IB schools). They are for IBSCA members only.

5. Other events. Various other events on specific topics (Introducing the MYP; Marketing your school; etc.) are arranged as needed.

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Charterhouse has been an IB World School since November 2010. It offers the IB Diploma Programme. The school is private. The head of the school is John Witheridge.

Oakham School

Oakham is a boarding and day school for girls and boys aged 10-18. One of the UK’s leading IB Schools, Oakham students achieve consistently high results. Our strength lies in challenging every individual to exceed his or her expectations through encouragement, pastoral support and a diversity of opportunity.  

Sir John Deane's College

http://www.sjd.ac.uk/ IB Data

The Red Maids' School

The Red Maids’ School is a relative newcomer to the IB Diploma but forged a place in the top ten nationally based on its first two years of results.