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You may or may not know this, but last September I passed over from being the Chief Master of King Edward’s School, Birmingham to the newly created part-time role of IBSCA Development Manager, working alongside Sandra Morton and Peter Fidczuk.I see this role as having two faces, an inward-looking face and an outward-looking face. The inward-looking face is trying to get a better understanding of how IB works for schools, the opportunities and the challenges which exist for schools that are very different. Thereby I hope that I can convey this within IB. The outward-looking face is trying to spread the word about the value of an IB education, not only to universities, with whom Peter Fidczuk already deals to great effect, but to politicians and think tanks and academic institutions and the media. The more I see of this wider world, the more I feel that IB has some solutions to some significant educational issues. And, if we can become more visible in that wider debate, this will help our schools to recruit students.
To that end, please click on the link below to view an e-piece of paper which has on it four quotes about education from four significant individuals/institutions. If these key figures think that a baccalaureate education that provides key skills is what is needed, then we need to get out there more and tell our tale. Perhaps these quotations will be of some use to you and your school for your own purposes.

4 voices on education

John Claughton

IBSCA Development Manager