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How UK universities are responding to the IB maths changes

Here are the latest views from various UK universities  and some links to latest support from the IB

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Overview + Best Fit Guide[3]

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In addition to the statement from Imperial College London which was released prior to our mathematics teachers’ forum in October we have now received the following statements.

University of Bath

Degrees in Mathematics (including Comp Sci & Maths, Maths & Physics and Econ & Maths):

HL Analysis & Approaches only. Students who have been forced to take HL Applications & Interpretations should contact us before they apply and we will only be able to consider in exceptional circumstances.

Degrees requiring A level Mathematics (Physics, Engineering, Accounting & Finance, Economics, Comp Science, Natural Sciences*, science and sport degrees where Maths is meeting a core maths/science subject requirement):

Either HL Analysis & Approaches or Applications & Interpretations. Where some of these courses consider SL Mathematics now, they will consider SL Analysis & Approaches only.

All other degrees (Social Sciences, Languages, Politics, Sport, Psychology, Management, other science degrees where students have sufficient science subjects to meet core requirements with maths):

Any of the four Mathematics subjects 

*Nat Sciences requirements for Mathematics are subject to change for 2021 so may be more flexible than our current approach.

University of Bristol

We welcome applications from students following the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme. We are aware of the planned changes to the IB Mathematics curriculum for students commencing their studies in 2019, with first awards to come in 2021. We can confirm we will accept either Mathematics: Applications and interpretation HL and Mathematics: Analysis and approaches HL for entry to courses where we currently require Mathematics HL.

City, University of London

Both the HL routes will be equivalent to A-Level Mathematics.

King’s College London

From the summer 2019, Year 11 students studying IB Mathematics can choose either the Analysis and Approaches or Applications and Interpretation pathway. King’s would expect to see IB students studying the new curriculum from 2021. Where Mathematics was previously required at Higher Level, King’s would ask applicants to study:

HL Analysis and Approaches for the following programmes:

  • Mathematics (all programmes)
  • Physics (all programmes)
  • Engineering (all Biomedical and Electronic programmes)

Either pathway accepted at higher level for:

  • BSc Accounting and Finance
  • BSc Economics
  • BSc Economics and Management
  • Computer Science (all programmes)
  • Chemistry (all programmes)
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychology (all programmes)
  • Sport and Exercise Medical Sciences

If Maths is a listed as a preferred subject, either pathway would be adequate preparation for the programme. When Maths is required at GCSE level, IB applicants can use either pathway at Standard Level or the Maths component of their IB Middle Years programme to meet this requirement.

University of Leeds

Standard Level Applications and Interpretation and Analysis and Approaches are accepted in place of GCSE Maths. Higher Level Applications and Interpretation and Analysis and Approaches are accepted in place of A Level Maths. Maths requirements vary by programme and may differ depending on the IB module undertaken. Applicants should visit Coursefinder for more information.

University College London

Special note for International Baccalaureate (Mathematics)

UCL are aware of the changes to the International Baccalaureate Mathematics modules. From 2021, programmes requiring A-level Mathematics will accept either Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches or Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation at higher level. Programmes requiring Further Mathematics at A-level will accept higher level Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches only.