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Too many independent schools are scared of the word ‘vocational’

24th May 2017

Mark Waldron, Headmaster of Ryde School with Upper Chine, Isle of Wight, discusses the benefits of an academic and vocational curriculum.  Follow the link below to read the full article in this month’s issue of Independent Education Today Full Article – Independent Education Today

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IB Diploma Biology and ESS: Incorporating Fieldwork

12th May 2017

The Field Studies Council is hosting an IBO approved CPD residential at their Field Centre at Dale Fort in Pembrokeshire. This 3-day DP Category 3 workshop will develop participant’s skills to lead and delivery effective fieldwork and internal assessment for Biology or ESS. Using a hands-on approach it will demonstrate the key issues and opportunities […]

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The IB: Preparing students for university and more

11th May 2017

Martina, an IB alumna student from Impington Village College, writes about her experience of the IB in the latest issue of World Student magazine: “The continuous headlines, dominated by A Levels, have made me reminisce about my time in sixth form. I am originally from Italy and, rather unconventionally, moved to the UK without my […]

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CEO of The International Baccalaureate Schools and Colleges Association of the UK (IBSCA)

27th April 2017

Robert Tibbott will succeed Sandra Morton as CEO of IBSCA on 1 September, 2017. Up to 2016, he was Deputy Head at Dartford Grammar School (a Kent IB World School), where, since 1996, the IB Diploma Programme, and, since 2007, the IB Middle Years Programme have been offered. In 2009, the IBDP replaced A-Levels; there […]

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Revolutionising post-16 learning with the CP

20th April 2017

In the past, vocational and academic education were seen as mutually-exclusive choices. Students would have to pick a “side,” stick to it, and follow that choice through. Now, an alternative approach that brings vocational and academic paths together for students aged 16-18 is proving popular writes Jon Severs for TES magazine. Severs cites 27 schools […]

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A Better World Through Education

27th March 2017

A programme called A Better World Through Education, set to launch on Oct 25, will explore how the International Baccalaureate (IB) impacts students, schools and communities, according to a press release by IB. English newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky will host the news and current affairs-styled show, jointly produced by the international education foundation and ITN Productions, a British-based news […]

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John Claughton – vocal advocate of the IB

22nd March 2017

Follow the link below to read an article by Absolute Education who interviewed John Claughton, IBSCA Development Manager, about the strengths of the IB: John Claughton – Absolutely Spring 2017

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New research benchmarks international IB students language skills for universities

19th March 2017

The study, conducted by the National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (UK NARIC) provides a benchmark for universities across the world to assess international IB students’ English language acquisition. Most international universities around the world have English proficiency requirements for incoming international students. Many universities accept scores in DP language courses as evidence […]

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ASCL – Next Generation Leadership

13th March 2017

On 10th and 11th of March ASCL held their 2017 Annual Conference at the ICC, Birmingham. Sian Carr, ASCL President, IBSCA Committee Member & Executive Principal at Skinners’ Kent Academy spoke about next generation leadership:  “Whilst holding firm to my strong sense of what can be, of possibility, this year has made me wonder a […]

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A bright future? The IB Career-related Programme

6th March 2017

Research has revealed that the majority of graduates of the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme believe that it gives them a head start at university and prepares them for the world of work. Research has shown that the International Baccalaureate (IB) Career-related Programme (CP) helps to prepare students for university and future employment. The Warwick Institute […]

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IBSCA’s Development Manager

3rd March 2017

You may or may not know this, but last September I passed over from being the Chief Master of King Edward’s School, Birmingham to the newly created part-time role of IBSCA Development Manager, working alongside Sandra Morton and Peter Fidczuk.I see this role as having two faces, an inward-looking face and an outward-looking face. The […]

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Raising awareness and aspirations in the UK

1st March 2017

2016 was an exciting year for the International Baccalaureate (IB) and IB World Schools with the launch of a number of initiatives in the UK. The IB’s continued collaboration with Kent County Council means that 27 schools in just one county of the UK are now offering the Career-related Programme and raising aspirations among their […]

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