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Cambridge University accepts IB grades this summer

Please see below for a statement from The University of Cambridge: 

The University of Cambridge is carefully monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We recognise that the impact of the pandemic may create uncertainty for offer holders and prospective students. We fully understand that this is a difficult time for all of you, but please be assured that we are working extremely hard on contingency planning and we will keep you informed. We will be providing Frequently Asked Questions on this webpage and strongly encourage you to refer to the page regularly. We wish you, your peers, your schools and your families the very best during this difficult period.

For UK Offer Holders (and all International Baccalaureate offer holders)
OFQUAL has recently published guidance on how GCSEs, AS and A Levels will be awarded in England this summer. Similar guidance has been issued for ScotlandWales, and Northern Ireland. There is also guidance for those taking the International Baccalaureate.

Please rest assured that we will be using this summer’s results (as awarded) to confirm places in our normal way – if you meet all of the conditions of your offer with us by the deadline stipulated by UCAS (currently 31 August), you will be accepted to the University.

We understand that there may be an opportunity to take examinations this autumn. If you have not met the conditions of your offer this summer, you may choose to sit alternative examinations this autumn. The University of Cambridge will make you an offer for entry in October 2021, if the terms of your original offer are met as a result. Where possible, this will be at the College where the offer is currently held, and the current College must be notified by 31 August of the intention to take the autumn exams.

We are very mindful that many of our mature offer holders will be taking qualifications other than A Levels or the IB and we are currently working very hard to understand the impact that coronavirus will have on the awarding of these qualifications. We are also aware that some applicants will be completing A Level qualifications independently of a school or college (please do alert the College that made you an offer to this if they are not already aware); we are liaising with relevant sector bodies to understand how A Level grades could be awarded in such circumstances. As soon as we are in a position to provide further information on these particular circumstances, we will do so.

Source <https://www.undergraduate.study.cam.ac.uk/coronavirus>