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ASCL – Next Generation Leadership


On 10th and 11th of March ASCL held their 2017 Annual Conference at the ICC, Birmingham.

Sian Carr, ASCL President, IBSCA Committee Member & Executive Principal at Skinners’ Kent Academy spoke about next generation leadership: 

“Whilst holding firm to my strong sense of what can be, of possibility, this year has made me wonder a great deal about what kind of leadership is needed to build the education system of which we can be proud and which is sustainable for the future. I think it is a good time to reflect on whether we have the balance right in what matters in leadership of our schools and colleges. Are we being driven by the right principles? Are we role modelling these principles for our future leaders? Are we focused sufficiently on the needs of all our young people? It leads me always to the core moral purpose of what we do – educating young people to prepare them for a bright future – and to the importance of holding true to that moral purpose.”

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All presentations and speeches can be downloaded directly from ASCLs website: http://www.ascl.org.uk/professional-development/conferences/ascl-annual-conference/