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Google it! Students are ‘needy, ill-prepared and reliant on search engines’

 Survey of university admissions staff paints an unflattering picture of today’s students, finds Jeremy Lewis.
A “challenging set of results”, a politician might say. Others might suggest that heads should roll. What is clear is that if there were any sort of league table that measured how well-prepared school leavers are for university, there’d be some catch-up to do.

I’m referring to the results of the 2017 Survey of University Admissions Officers. The survey was conducted through 81 telephone interviews with a selection of British universities, including half of all the high to medium tariff universities.

To read the full article on the Time Higher Education website please follow this link: https://www.timeshighereducation.com/blog/google-it-students-are-needy-ill-prepared-and-reliant-search-engines